“Dear Lord, We thank you for your Spirit and all this day. God bless our food and this time we’re sharing today and this day we’re doing today. Amen.”

This is the type of thing that I’m so excited to offer as a part of our commitment to creating heirloom pieces for your home–wall displays that feature not only photos but also artwork, lettering, monograms…you’re only limited by your imagination!

My son Quinn has been saying the same prayer at mealtime nearly his whole life. Although we started all of our kids out on the traditional “God is great, God is good…” prayer, Quinn quickly abandoned that in favor of one of his own making. I remember smiling at him the first time he ever said it. I was struck by the sweet authenticity of my baby’s childlike faith. The next day, when he repeated it, I realized it was going to be part of our family story and it has become a very precious thread to us all.

I asked him to sit down with a plain sheet of white paper a few months ago and write out the alphabet in upper- and lowercase. He obliged me even though he had no idea why I was asking him to do it. I scanned the letters and then slowly created an alpha set. Armed with some of my favorite digital scrapbooking supplies and my son’s lettering, I created what I envision will be a canvas that will ultimately hang in our dining room: